Hamilton, NJ: 9.18.2018 from the Mayor – The overwhelming majority of Hamiltonians support the consolidation of our fire districts; however, the ordinance being introduced has inserted a ‘poison pill’ provision regarding contract agreements that the very attorney hired by the Township Council has expressed concern that it could create ‘an extensive timeframe which would delay the dissolution [of fire districts] being finalized.’   Why would there be a need for this ‘poison pill’ provision to delay consolidation?

We are on the brink of providing a significant tax cut to Hamilton taxpayers by moving fire districts under the jurisdiction of the Municipal Government; however if we squander this opportunity, it is the taxpayers of our community who will suffer by shouldering a higher cost for fire services than is necessary.  Further delays will mean that individual fire districts will have to prepare their own budgets for 2019, rather than the Municipal Government being afforded the opportunity to ensure that consolidation achieves greater efficiencies and greater cost savings.